Build Your Company on 360-Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback solutions are often dedicated and complex to set up and manage. Not so with SurveyGizmo. You can get started in just seven steps.

Unlike your typical annual or semi-annual reviews that rely solely on an employee’s manager or supervisor, 360-degree reviews help people develop business and interpersonal skills. 360-degree feedback excels at identifying a starting point for developing new skills, measuring progress, and identifying any personal behavioral blind spots or the total impact an employee has on an organization.

Easy to set up and run

You can start with a spreadsheet of all employees, import it, ask the questions you need answered, and let SurveyGizmo will do the rest. The solution will distribute the surveys, collect the feedback, and generate the reports you need. Usually in just seven steps. See how here.

Get the full picture.

This kind of feedback also lets managers and employees hear from the people who work with them on a daily basis. However, 360-degree feedback can also be a challenge to administer with the wrong solution. SurveyGizmo makes it easy to create, deploy, and report.

SurveyGizmo’s powerful reporting software simplifies the process even more. The 360-Review Package automatically generates reports for each employee based on feedback, including concrete action items.

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