Affordable 360 Review Package

Employee development has never been easier.

There are many benefits of 360 reviews, but administering them is a challenge. It doesn’t have to be. SurveyGizmo’s 360 Review Package is a cost-effective, efficient review tool that helps human resource pros administer 360 surveys more easily than ever before.

The package offers:

  • Unrivaled affordability
  • Easy setup and management
  • Detailed, automated reporting

正规体育投注Find out how your HR department can take advantage of SurveyGizmo’s powerful survey platform. Simply fill out the form and one of our account representatives will reach out to customize the perfect 360 Review Package for your business needs.

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Setting up and administering 360 reviews has never been easier. Simply upload a CSV file and the software does the rest, from sending the feedback surveys to generating cohesive, individualized reports.


SurveyGizmo’s powerful reporting software is at your fingertips. The 360 Review Package automatically generates reports for each employee based on feedback, including concrete action items.

Get Started in Just 7 Steps

正规体育投注Our quick start package allows you to create 360 reviews for every employee. The set up process takes minutes, and reports update as responses are submitted.

Create Employee Spreadsheet

First, create a spreadsheet with all of the employees in your organization.

Create a 360 Review Project

正规体育投注Create a new 360 Review Project and upload your spreadsheet

360 Employee Relationships

Confirm the internal organization structure outlined in your spreadsheet. This is important: these relationships determine who reviews whom!

Define 360 Measurement Attributes

Start your 360 Review Survey with our pre-made template and add, edit, or remove categories and questions as needed. The template is fully customizable.

Customize Emails With 360

正规体育投注Personalize your messaging with customizable email templates.

Send & 360

正规体育投注Start sending out surveys! Just click Send Now in the Share tab.

360 Report Screenshot

正规体育投注Reports are automatically created for each employee, complete with filters and actionable takeaways personalized to address each individual’s needs.